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[17 Oct 2006|09:03am]
i hate you. i officially hate you. everything you've become and to everyone that you didn't care about until i stopped caring about you. i rant and rant and rant in my head about you because you affect me still but i don't want you to. i'm tired of worrying, so i won't. i'm tired of caring, so i won't.

so that's it. nothing is consistant. except that you keep dissapointing me. hurting me. being selfish, stupid and destructive. but it's okay, because you have your friends. your bottles. your boys. your everything else that you didn't need before. stop feeling sorry for yourself. grow up. i think now's the time.

[07 Feb 2006|03:46pm]
i can't goto college.

billy liar's got his hands in his pocket. [29 Mar 2004|10:12pm]
i'm going to take lauren's advice and be a jerk. comment if you want to stay added. if not...eh...i'm just tired of this big ass list of strangers. in the night.

there is a bug on my screen.

i took a lot of photos of flowers and ida for a project today. more on this later.

[25 Feb 2004|01:14pm]
i need help.

i'm down for whatever, what's there left to wait for? [16 Feb 2004|02:09pm]
alright, so, today already sucks. and i've officially been awake for a total of seventeen minutes. thanks for the wake-up call lauren. hopefully by 6 o'clock tonight, i'll be feelin alright and then some...?

where to take this entry now? i should be talking about what's on my mind, but i don't want to. i swear, my thoughts are corrupted with confusion, dislike, and generally bad feelings for life right now. and yes i see your screen name online, and i will not aim you this time.

YES. it is confirmed, i am able to goto mates of state. i think it's what i need right now. something in my life to tell me that life can't suck for long.

and with my birthday a short 2 days away, i leave this entry. because i am done thinking for now.

oh snap. crackle. pop. [18 Dec 2003|12:50pm]
once again here i am. in class. here's the stragedy:

i open up a paint file. color the backround a solid black, so that i can see the reflection of mr. young right behind me. i open up internet explorer, and make it a small window in the left side of the screen. i log onto live journal dot com, and look at my friends' view. if i should see my teacher turn around to look, or tell the class to "shh!" then i click onto the open paint window, and look like i am keeping myself busy by enjoying shapes and designs in paint. genious? i think so.

i'll encourage you calling me a "badass"

on your wedding, your wedding, your wed.... [20 Nov 2003|10:19pm]
i often rent videos, do not watch them, and return them late. where is the logic in that?

tonight i ate mashed potatoes and corn. no gravy. i think that would be gross.

alex is fun to go places with. tonight on aim a lot of us sent sound files back and forth. we're nuts.

when they say "all things remain the same" they aren't kidding. i need some change.

[09 Oct 2003|11:17pm]
i accidently forgot to edit one entry into the "friends only" mode. i will fix that later. but i am sort of waiting on a comment back. but uh, yes.

Friends only. Comment to be Added.

its my desire [09 Sep 2003|09:03pm]
God. i just looked at the upcoming shows, so far in one location, there are 4 i can goto that i want, and like 6 i can't. I have to check other clubs. Whatever. went to target tonight with stevie. They suck as far as pants go. Him pants, not me. So we checked out Kohls. oh how i love hearing the distant *HONKS* as he drives away. HONK! in two minutes i should call lauren back. today i went with her to ida's tennis matches. i fell asleep listening to headphones on the side of the court. eh.

! [23 Aug 2003|10:39pm]
today i saw two live transvestites waiting in line at a starbucks. the make up did not make them more believable.

lauren [19 Aug 2003|10:48pm]
when people have to use the bathroom, they should. it's just so much safer that way.

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